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 Guide to Bosses

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Guide to Bosses Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Bosses   Guide to Bosses Icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2010 12:40 pm

Where to Find the Bosses and what they drop

Lizard from Summer: Near Valhalla (Drops Lock's Hit)
Icy Dragon: Circle Place with the Shiny thing near Andes (Drops Bing's Dodging)
Fox Sage: Glacier Isle (Drops Shark's Stregthening)
Panda: Inside Silver Mine 1 (Drops Feng's Defense)

Barbie or Barabosa: Outlaw Isle (Drops 70 Boss equips, Azraels Speed +30 MS, Angelic Dice, and Beef Jerky)
Deathsoul Commander: Near Solace in the Santuary Maze (Drops 70 Boss Equips, Chaitan's Aura, Angelic Dice, and Beef Jerky)

Black Dragon: Zephyr Isle (Babies drop Jades or Hat Gems and BD drops 3 Jerky)

All Abaddon Bosses drop 1 Jerky Each

DW bosses drop 1 jerky

DS boss drop 3 jerky

FC boss drop 2 jerky
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Guide to Bosses
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