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PostSubject: Server Information   Server Information Icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2010 12:14 pm

Server 24/7 Dedicated will be open for a long time Smile

Solo Exp: 55x
Party Exp: 35x
Drop Rate: 75x
Pet Growth: 1000x

Max Lvl: 100
Max Pet: 61

Hamachi Networks:

Website to register (after in hamachi net):
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Maps Open:
Argent (Only City)
Demonic World
Dark Swamp (Crack/Chipped Gem)
Forsaken City
Chaos Argent (Novice Chest = Striking Gem, Standard Chest = Soul/Wind, Expert Chest = Rage, Colo)
Chaos Icicle (Same as CA)
Sacred War (Will be a prize for winning soon)
Guild War (Just for fun and pk ^^)

Unique Gems, Chipped and Cracked (+3 and 4 Stats), Black Dragon gems (CA BD mobs), Azrael Gems (Added movement speed gem and attack speed gem)

Class Balance:
Spr users get a higher lvl pet then any other class (Spr only)
All classes except champ have the same Con - hp/def ratio
Cleric/Voy conch and bolt cd faster and upgraded es/sm skills
Sharpshooters guns dont add -% attack speed instead a little positive

NPC's Added:
Quick Combiners: 10 gems for 1 lvl 4, 19 for 1 lvl 5, 35 for 1 lvl 6
Beef Exchanger: 25 Goddess Favor for 1 Beef Jerky(5 Beef for 1 Azrael)
Manu Shop: All manu lvl 1
General Store: Basic stuff there and BD Altar.
Gem Trader: Trade Gem of Striking for Rage or w/e you want
Apparel Seller
Blacksmith Functions = Combine/Fuse/Upgrade/Extract
Buff NPC
RB 1-3 Angel
Argent Teleporter Teleports you almost anywhere
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Server Information
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